ANOTHER LIE! Joe Biden Claims He Witnessed The Pittsburgh Bridge Collapse (VIDEO)

(Republican Leader) – President Joe Biden lies the way a human being breathes. It comes natural to him. We’ve had Biden in office for almost three years now. During that time, if his mouth was moving, you can almost guarantee whatever came out was on the opposite side of the spectrum from the truth. And we now have yet another whopper to add to the pile.

According to BizPac Review’s Terressa Monroe-Hamilton, Biden, on Tuesday, was talking to a crowd in the city of Pittsburgh when he made the claim that he saw the catastrophic collapse of a bridge there in 2022. The speech he was giving in the city of Milwaukee, Pennsylvania, was to promote his economic policies during a stop made at Ingeteam, which is a company that makes wind turbines. While speaking with his audience, Biden recounted seeing the bride collapse.

“A lot of you were with me when I was in Pittsburgh,” he said to those in attendance. “By the way, Pittsburgh is a city of bridges – more bridges in Pittsburgh than any other city in America.”

“I watched that bridge collapse,” he then proclaimed, going on to add, “I got there and saw it collapse with over 200 feet off the ground going over a valley. It collapsed. Thank God school was out during the pandemic.”

There’s just one problem.

Biden wasn’t in the city at the time of the bridge collapse. He made that entire story up, lying to those people right to their faces.

A video of the speech and the subsequent tall tale went viral on social media, which led to Biden getting ripped a new one for adding yet another fib to a long list of untruths.

Sean Parnell, host of the Battleground podcast, was astounded by the whopper, saying, “I can assure you Biden did not personally watch a bridge collapse here in Pittsburgh. My lord…”

Dan K. Eberhart, an author, then noted the president has a lengthy history of stretching the truth and spinning yarns, saying, “He can’t stop lying. From his long record of plagiarism, to doctoring his education background, to lying about his own son’s death, Biden is apparently incapable of telling the truth.”

Biden is what is known as a pathological liar. He just lies and embellishes anything and everything, to the point that he can’t even remember what the truth actually is. He believes his own falsehoods.

The producer for conservative talk radio personality Mark Levin, Rich Sementa, responded to the clip, “Biden’s Whopper Of A Lie ‘I watched that bridge collapse.’”

“And the media just pretty much ignored it once again despite Biden apparently living in an alternate reality that bears very little resemblance to the one the rest of us reside in,” BPR reported.

Here are some of the reactions from social media:

Do we really want a man who lies this frequently and easily, to be in charge of our country? Once upon a time the answer would’ve been an automatic “no,” but these days, I’m not so sure. Let’s hope American voters have had enough of the constant “malarkey” from Biden and are ready for something much better.

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