Breaking: Second Major Media Outlet Mislabels Biden’s Title

(Republican Leader) – Have you noticed just how ridiculous modern-day politics has come to be? The obscene amounts of mudslinging have transformed it into something that looks more like the WWE than discussions about how the nation should be run in order to continue as a beacon of hope and freedom for the rest of the world.

This is a point noted by The Western Journal writer Bryan Chai who recently wrote, “From the outsized characters, to the deliriously cheering crowds, to the utterly bombastic rhetoric, you’d be excused for being unsure whether you’re at a political rally or WrestleMania. Now, are modern politics adopting yet another key tenet of pro wrestling in the form of pre-written scripts?”

“A pair of curious blunders from two of America’s most notable outlets have some people now thinking that the results of the 2024 election have already been decided — and it doesn’t bode well for incumbent President Joe Biden,” Chai continued. “On Thursday, The Washington Post came out and referred to Hunter Biden as ‘the former president’s son,’ a curious distinction given that Biden appears to be both alive and the 2024 general election hasn’t occurred yet.”

The article has since undergone a correction, but archives on the internet have confirmed the strange language utilized by the Post in the report. On Friday, CBS News ran a headline with very similar verbiage.

“Again, the mistake has since been corrected, but it’s certainly odd that in the span of two days, two major publications would make the exact same mistake about the exact same person’s title,” Chai stated. “Do these publications know something we don’t? Was this, to put it in Hollywood terms, akin to a ‘leaked script?’ Is Vince McMahon taking an indefinite leave from WWE to write scripts for American politics?”

Nothing would be surprising at this point in history would it? Look at the crazy stuff that’s happened over the last few years. We have what looks like the beginning of alien disclosure coming out of the government. Our president and his son are likely to have been involved in an influence peddling scheme with foreign nationals, including China. The Chinese Communist Party flew a spy balloon over several of our country’s most important military installations. And the list goes on.

There are many who believe the tanking poll numbers of the current commander-in-chief are leading to the grooming of former first lady Michelle Obama to take over the White House.

“Now, as fun as it is to put on the tin foil hat, Occam’s razor would suggest that this was simply the matter of an inattentive editor and/or inattentive social media administrator. So it was all just a coincidental mistake… no harm, no foul, right? Well, not quite. Because this controversy highlights a deeper issue the incumbent president is facing when it comes to his re-election campaign,” Chai explained.

“Namely, Biden has been so genuinely ineffectual, if not outright detrimental, as president, that even the least conspiratorial of minds have to stop and think for a brief moment, ‘Wait, is Biden actually being written out in real-time by the Democrats?'” he continued. “No, the overwhelming odds are that two major outlets just happened to make eerily similar mistakes within 48 hours of each other.”

However, the fact that so many leftists in the media have already started to think of Biden in the past tense should tell you just how damaged he is at this point.

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