Biden Stakes Reelection Hopes On Abortion With $25 Million Ad Buy

(Republican Leader) – Given the fact that President Joe Biden has utterly trashed our economy and mucked up foreign policy, there aren’t many issues left for the Democratic Party to use in building a platform for his reelection campaign. Which is why they just spent a staggering $25 million on an advertising campaign all about supporting unrestricted access to abortion. This is nothing more than throwing mud at pro-life members of the GOP, because getting personal, being mean and nasty, is pretty much the only tactic the left excels at. We certainly know facts are not their strong suit, right?

Ben Johnson, writer for The Washington Stand, is reporting that “The Biden-Harris campaign debuted a 60-second ad, titled ‘These Guys,’ after the first Republican presidential debate, held at Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum arena last Wednesday. The ad states “the last people who should be involved” in making pro-life decisions are ‘these guys’ — omitting any reference to former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, whose campaign revolves heavily around the fact that she is a female.”

The ad then goes on to shine a spotlight on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, currently campaigning to be the GOP nominee for president, who signed a heartbeat bill that would protect preborn children from being murdered in the womb after doctors have picked up a heartbeat, which usually happens around six-weeks into a pregnancy.

“I believe in a culture of life,” DeSantis goes on to say in the ad, a phrase that was created by the late Pope John Paul II, which the nation’s second Catholic president is convinced will trigger leftist voters. “Our second Catholic president continues to make clear that he sacrifices Catholic teaching at the altar of abortion,” said Tommy Valentine, deputy political director at CatholicVote, in comments to The Washington Stand. “This is not some sort of good faith disagreement — he holds our Catholic values in contempt and there is no excuse for it.”

“It also shows Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) vowing to ‘sign the most conservative pro-life legislation.’ Controversially, it also references Trump’s 2016 comment to long-dismissed MSNBC host Chris Matthews that he believed in “some kind of punishment” for women who have abortion, a position Trump immediately abandoned and which pro-life leaders have consistently opposed for decades,” Johnson writes.

The campaign is set to run on YouTube and Connected TV in a total of seven swing states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.

Rep. Ralph Norman, a South Carolina Republican, says that Biden is running on the abortion issue because he has no record to run on. The comment was made during an appearance on “Washington Watch” on Monday. And that’s the absolute truth. We’re talking about a man who has managed to spike inflation to the highest level it has been in four decades, making gas and groceries so absurdly expensive you have to sell a limb to afford them, left the border wide open. Don’t forget the horrific troop withdrawal from Afghanistan that killed 13 American military members and allowed the country to fall under the control of the Taliban. Not exactly a positive track record, right?

“The GOP platform’s pro-life position, adopted decades ago, contrasts with the Democratic Party, ‘a socialist party that agrees with abortion-on-demand,’ insisted Norman, a member of the House Freedom Caucus. ‘That’s why it’s so important to stop this party from doing what they’re doing. And the only way you do that is you beat them, and you throw them out of office,'” Johnson continued in his report.

Due to all of his failures, a total of 54 percent of American voters disapprove of Biden’s job performance as the commander-in-chief, with only 41 percent approving, according to an average of polls from

The ad campaign Democrats are now running makes the claim that Democrats like Biden and Harris are working to “protect your freedom” to make “reproductive health care decisions” for individual citizens of the country. That’s polite speak for saying they are fighting hard to ensure you can legally murder your unborn child, sacrificing his or her life on the altar of convenience, allowing you to have unprotected sex with no consequences.

Murdering a child is not health care, Norman clarified during the interview. He then asserted he’s proud that presidential candidates within the GOP have taken “a position of life. That’s what this country was founded on — not killing our unborn.”

“I was very pleased to see [Republican presidential hopefuls] talk about abortion” at last week’s debate, commented Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel not long after the proceedings finished. “If our candidates aren’t able to fend a response and put out a response, we’re not going to win.”

“McDaniel has been a long and consistent advocate for her party’s candidates discussing abortion forthrightly, contrasting their party’s stance with that of Democrats, which polls show is favored by roughly 10% of voters. ‘We’ve seen what happens when we let Democrats define who we are and what we stand for,’ she remarked in a speech at the Reagan Library in April. ‘When you don’t respond, the lies become the truth,'” the piece noted.

A total of 60 percent of Democrats declared they are not in favor of abortions after 15 weeks, which are part of the terms of the “national abortion ban” the president and vice president are promising to reject.

“In reality, Democrats hope to distract voters from their own extremism. Tellingly, Biden’s ad never states a single limit he would support — not even to protect babies from brutal late-term abortions after they can feel pain, a standard over 70% of Americans including many rank-and-file Democrats favor,” stated Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America president Marjorie Dannenfelser in a statement delivered to The Washington Stand.

“Today’s Democrats even block protections for babies born alive in failed abortions,” Dannenfelser added. “That is unacceptable. Everyone should be asking where the Democrats draw the line — is it 38, 39 weeks? Americans deserve to know where all candidates stand.”

If we cannot protect the rights of our most vulnerable citizens, how in the world will we be able to defend the rest of our freedoms? The simple answer is we can’t. The right to life is the most fundamental, God-given right there is. Without it, there is no basis for the protection of any other right. This means liberty is arbitrary and the government has the authority to decide what is and isn’t a human right. Dangerous territory to walk through, ladies and gentlemen.

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