GOP Lawmaker: New Democrat Supreme Court Judge Could Face Impeachment

(Republican Leader) – A Republican Assembly speaker from the state of Wisconsin has renewed threats of impeachment against his state’s newest and most extreme liberal Supreme Court Justice, Janet Protasiewicz, making the claim that lawmakers might go after her if she does not recuse herself from specific cases. This individual means business. It’s about time Republicans at both the state and federal level began fighting back against the absurdities of the left and the means they continue to employ in their effort to transform the United States.

“If Protasiewicz does not do so willingly, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said lawmakers might consider ousting her themselves, one of the few tools left in their arsenal. Republican lawmakers also threatened impeachment almost immediately after she won her election,” the Washington Examiner reported. “Vos argued during an interview with WSAU Radio on Friday that comments Protasiewicz made on the campaign trail about Wisconsin’s electoral maps being ‘rigged’ and in need of repair should ethically disqualify her from voting on them.”

In April of this year, Protasiewicz beat former Justice Daniel Kelly in a massive victory for a very coveted seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The win took away control from conservatives who have held power for a whopping 15 years, making her the new deciding vote on critical issues like abortion, political mapping, and potentially the 2024 presidential race, depending on how things go next year.

“Democrats framed the state high court showdown as their last shot at stopping Republicans from keeping their grip on the battleground state, while conservatives slammed Protasiewicz’s impartiality. The race between Kelly and Protasiewicz was the most expensive race for a state Supreme Court in history, with an estimated $45 million pumped into it from special interest groups, including liberal megadonor George Soros and Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein, one of America’s wealthiest families who have two of the deepest pockets in conservative politics,” the Washington Examiner divulged.

While the GOP has been fairly quick on the draw with the use of the word “impeachment,” Vos stated that any decision of that nature would only be taken after it was given careful consideration.

“The idea that we’re going to immediately start an impeachment process is probably too radical,” Vos noted. “I want to look and see, does she recuse herself on cases where she is prejudged? That, to me, is something that is at the oath of office and what she said she was going to do to uphold the Constitution. That, to me, is a serious offense.”

Action to remove Protasiewicz, who was officially sworn into her new position on the first of August, would drag the state of Wisconsin into new territory. There has only been one instance of Wisconsin state lawmakers impeaching a judge. In 1853 the state Assembly voted to impeach, but not remove Circuit Judge Levi Hubbell on charges of corruption. However, experts don’t believe impeachment against Protasiewicz is going to happen.

Melissa Agard, Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader, also a Democrat, declared that Vos is attempting to weaponize “threats” of impeachment, though she claims he has no justifiable cause to do so.

“[Protasiewicz] has been proven to be resoundingly popular with the people of the state of Wisconsin who are fed up with Republican antics,” Agard commented. “These comments that are being made by Speaker Vos, frankly, are threats to the will of the people and to democracy in Wisconsin.” She added that claims Protasiewicz was unfit to make unbiased decisions on redistricting were bogus.

“Scholars have been studying the district lines in Wisconsin as well as in other states, and it is clear that gerrymandering has a negative effect on democracy,” Agard remarked. “[That’s] simply referring to … what are known facts and indicating a problem here in the state of Wisconsin that needs to be addressed.”

A group of left-wing law firms and Democratic Party voters have filed a lawsuit against the state to try and overturn a legislative map drawn up by Republicans, making the case it isn’t fair and provides the GOP with an unfair advantage. If this were reversed, of course, there wouldn’t be a single peep out of these people about “fairness.”

“Even though state Republicans have the majority in the Assembly and the supermajority in the Senate and could impeach and remove a publicly elected official such as Protasiewicz, it would be up to the state’s governor, a Democrat, to appoint her replacement,” the article revealed.

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