2024 GOP Candidate Says He’s Open To Being Trump’s Running Mate: ‘I Will Take The Call’

(Republican Leader) – With former President Donald Trump being so far ahead in the polls for the Republican Party presidential nomination, many individuals across the country feel he’s basically a shoe-in and are already speculating who might end up being his running mate in the general election next year. While many names have been bandied about, one of the current candidates who threw his hat in the ring for the primary, conservative commentator Larry Elder, stated that he would most definitely “take the call” from Trump or DeSantis — currently in very distant second place — to be the running mate for either man should they nab the nomination.

Newsweek writer James Bickerton wrote that Elder is urging other Republicans to “unite behind a candidate whose last name is other than Trump” in order to pull off a much needed victory in “November 2024,” despite the fact he describes himself as a “big fan” of the president.

“Polling indicates Trump has a commanding lead with likely Republican primary voters, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in second and other candidates, including Elder, trailing behind. However, the former president is facing charges over his alleged mishandling of classified documents, along with counts of business fraud over claims he paid hush money to adult film actress Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 presidential election. Trump has pleaded not guilty to all charges in both cases,” Bickerton said.

When Newsweek asked Elder if he would give consideration to the idea of being Trump’s running mate, he replied, “I am running for president, I’m not running for vice president, I’m not running for a cabinet position. However in the unlikely event I’m not the party nominee, and if Trump or DeSantis or one of the other persons call and ask me to be vice president, I will take the call. I won’t let it go to voicemail.”

Later on, Elder described himself as a fan of former President Donald Trump, who he supported in both 2016 and 2020, but went on to explain that he has been “attacked” so many times now that it will be a struggle for him to appeal to key voters the GOP needs in order to take back the White House and control of the Senate.

“Here’s the problem; I believe there are so many swing voters in swing states who would not vote for the man if he walked on water,” Elder noted. “In fact, they would accuse him of not being able to swim. I have no idea what to do about Trump derangement syndrome—maybe someday somebody will develop a vaccine.”

He added, “I think at some point in this long process Republican voters are going to realize in order to win in November 2024 they’re going to have to unite behind a candidate whose last name is other than Trump, but for whom a sufficient number of swing voters and swing states will vote so we can win in November 2024, and I’m making the case that I’m that person.”

Elder first announced his intentions to run for the White House back in April on Tucker Carlson’s now canceled Fox News primetime program. At this moment in time, Elder is attempting to get 40,000 individual donations from supporters so he can enter the GOP debate scheduled for August.

“In 2021, Elder polled second when California Governor Gavin Newsom was challenged in a recall election. Ahead of the election, President Biden hit out at Elder, dubbing him a ‘clone of Donald Trump,'” the report revealed.

Making a reference to Biden, Elder remarked, “He has an obvious cognitive decline—he fumbles, he mumbles, he can’t read teleprompters, he doesn’t know where he is, he’s falling down.”

When Newsweek asked Elder if he thought Biden was fit to serve as president, he asserted, “I don’t think so, no, and it’s not his age it’s his fitness. My dad died at 95 years old. Until the last months of his life, my Dad was sharp as a tack, funny, witty, clever, so it’s about your stamina. Your ability, your acuity, and Joe Biden clearly has lost it.”

Republican primaries will kick off in February 2024 with the winner being confirmed in July.

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