Trump Takes Direct Shot At Biden’s Declining Mental And Physical Health

(Republican Leader) – Former President Donald Trump has a well earned reputation for being a man who calls it like it is and is not at all shy or afraid to speak the absolute truth. He’s a true fighter, a person who will go toe-to-toe with anyone in the political realm, completely unafraid of the potential consequences. I think the fact he’s still going strong in his current presidential campaign despite four indictments by liberals weaponizing the justice system to take him out of the 2024 playing field attests to that.

So it’s no surprise that the former president took a big swing at President Joe Biden and his weakening physical health during a sit down interview with Tucker Carlson on Wednesday evening. Trump decided to have the conversation instead of joining the first GOP debate that was held last night, as one of the conditions for participation in the event was to sign a pledge to support whoever won the nomination.

“The 2024 Republican front-runner, speaking with Carlson at his Bedminster, New Jersey, resort, took part in the online interview as an alternative to the GOP’s first primary debate,” Richard Moorehead of The Western Journal said.

During the conversation with Carlson, Trump raised questions about the physical fitness of Biden and whether or not he was capable, both physically and mentally, to discharge the duties required of the commander-in-chief.

“I think he’s worse mentally than he is physically, and physically he’s not exactly a triathlete. Or any kind of an athlete,” Trump stated during the interview.

He then shared that he saw Biden struggling to walk across the White House grounds to get to the Marine One helicopter, which is a pretty damaging thing to point out when it comes to considering the president’s fitness for duty.

“He can’t walk to the helicopter,” Trump remarked matter-of-factly. “He can’t lift his feet out of the grass. You know, it’s only 2 inches at the White House, right? That’s not a lot. But you watch him and it looks like he’s walking on toothpicks.”

The former president also chatted about footage of the many beach vacations Biden has enjoyed during his time in the Oval Office.

“And then you see him on the beach where he can’t lift a chair. You know, those chairs are meant to be light, right? They’re like 2 ounces,” he continued. “He can’t walk through the sand!”

He then delivered another haymaker to the proverbial chin of the president by making the suggestion that Biden may not even be able to complete his first term in office, let alone a second one.

“I don’t think he’s going to make it to the gate, but, you know, you never know,” he commented.

And that’s why we need someone like Trump in the White House. We need a leader and a fighter who will speak the truth and not be afraid to call out the obvious things happening right before our eyes that everyone else is too scared to talk about. We have seen a rise in individuals like this in the Republican Party since Trump took office back in 2016. Let’s hope that trend continues.

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