Warning: Trump Prosecutor Actually Targeting ALL American Voters

(Republican Leader) – On Tuesday, the Biden DOJ once again indicted President Trump, this time on charges related to his opinion that the 2020 election was rigged, stolen and unfair. A belief that millions of Americans share.

The Biden regime is now sending the message that questioning elections will be cause for prosecution. Elections are now holier than Christ himself and anyone who dares question their outcomes, validity and authority will be persecuted.

Trump joins the hundreds of other Jan. 6 defendants and if you think for one second nothing like this could ever happen to you, you’d better think again, especially given that we are right around the corner from another election season.

First Amendment be damned. The Biden regime will not tolerate freedom of speech or thought. It doesn’t matter what your own eyes tell you. If your thoughts or words are not approved by the regime, you could be criminalized.

Never before in American history has anyone been charged with simply expressing their thoughts and beliefs until the Biden administration. Now Biden has indicted a former president and his current top political rival. This isn’t supposed to happen in America but like any good tyrannical regime they claim to be protecting the country and “democracy.”

Joe Biden has solidified his status as a tin-pot dictator now that he is brazenly attempting to jail his main political opponent ahead of the next election in an effort to ensure his reelection. It’s utterly insane.

It’s not just about Joe Biden and Donald Trump though. It’s about all of us. This latest indictment is, as The Federalist writer John Daniel Davidson put it, a “declaration of war against American voters and their constitutional right to free speech.”

Jonathan Turley noted on Twitter, “If you take a red pen to all of the material presumptively protected by the First Amendment, you can reduce much of the indictment to haiku.”

First of all, Biden’s Special Counsel is a rabid partisan who has previously been rebuked by a unanimous Supreme Court when he tried to throw a Republican governor in jail during the Obama administration.

The indictment against Trump doesn’t even include the popular leftist talking point that Trump incited violence on Jan. 6, 2021. It’s especially shocking considering how dramatic Smith acted during a Tuesday press conference in which he repeatedly stressed how horrible the Jan. 6 riot was.

Trump is instead being charged with conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of and an attempt to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that these charges amount to nothing more than the criminalization of thoughts, words and opinions.

Smith’s indictment centers on his allegation that Trump’s claims were false and Trump knew they were false. In an attempt to prove this allegation, Smith lists a number of Trump officials and federal bureaucracies that told Trump there was no evidence of widespread fraud. That’s Smith’s evidence. He even had the audacity to cite the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency which was exposed by the “Twitter Files” as having directly interfered in the 2020 election through the censorship by proxy of Americans.

Despite these select individuals and agencies telling Trump the election was all on the level, Trump continued insisting the election was rigged. That means Trump was clearly lying because all those other people/agencies would never dream of lying. At least that appears to be Smith’s reasoning.

Whether or not Trump lied is not a legal matter and that’s what makes this indictment so dangerous and detrimental to America as a whole. There is, in fact, plenty of proof that government agencies and private companies worked together to censor information ahead of the 2020 election. Recorded evidence divulges that executives took it upon themselves in key states to change election procedures when they had no authority to do so. Then there’s the millions of Zuckerbucks that were pumped into Democratic strongholds. The list goes on and on. Maybe there wasn’t widespread fraud on the part of the American people in general but there certainly appears to have been a concerted effort within state and federal governments along with private companies to tip the scales of the 2020 election. Is that fair? How can anyone say that it is.

We all know Trump’s assertion that the 2020 election was rigged is actually true and this indictment is only about shutting him down and bringing Americans into submission.

The Biden regime won’t stop at Trump. If they’re willing to go after him there is no stopping the DOJ from coming for me and for you if we dare to agree with Trump.

As Davidson puts it:

“Forget about Trump for a minute. This indictment sets a terrifying precedent that puts all Americans at risk. If the prosecution of Trump succeeds, it means the First Amendment is a dead letter in America. It means you’re not allowed to have opinions that contradict the Justice Department’s official narrative — and if you do, you’d better not have the temerity to run for high office.

Seen in that light, this latest indictment of Trump — who has now been charged with more than 75 crimes, many of them by the Biden DOJ — is an exercise in raw power. It’s not that Democrats are playing some kind of 4D chess in hopes of ginning up support for Trump among the base to ensure he’s the nominee because they think they can beat him in the general election.

No, they just want to put him in prison. They think Trump’s a criminal for opposing them, and they think the same thing about his supporters. The left wants to criminalize dissent. They don’t really think you should get a vote, much less an opinion. That’s what this indictment is about. If you think this is bad, just wait.”

Indeed. Things are on the verge of getting really scary in America.

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