Alert: Breaking Dem Legislation Could End Gun Sales To All Current Firearm Owners Forever

(Republican Leader) – With midterms just around the corner, Senate Democrats are using the most recent mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, that claimed 10 innocent lives, as a political tool to once again push their radical gun control agenda.

Apparently, they haven’t quite got the picture that their radical agenda is exactly what Americans hate.

Nonetheless, Senate Dems are attempting to tighten up gun laws with a new bill introduced Thursday.

It doesn’t matter to Democrats that the gunman had no problem going around New York’s gun control laws to shoot down innocent grocery shoppers. All Democrats care about is disarming the American people.

They have yet to explain how disarming law abiding citizens will help stop criminals from violating the law, specifically gun laws.

Politico reports, Democratic Senators Cory Booker, Richard Blumenthal and Bob Menendez have introduced the Federal Firearms Licensing Act.

The law would, as you can imagine, completely overhaul the Second Amendment in the US. Gun ownership would go from a right, as per the constitution, to a privilege bestowed on citizens as the federal government sees fit.

Every time an American citizen went to purchase a new gun they would be required to submit to a lengthy licensing process directly through the Department of Justice.

Buying a gun from a licensed firearms dealer already requires a NICS background check and existing laws already prevent felons from buying or owning guns. Yet, somehow they still manage to come into possession of them. Could it be because criminals will always find a way around the law in order to commit the crimes they want to commit?

Don’t try to be reasonable with the radical left. They’re hell-bent on disarming law-abiding citizens anyway they can.

The bill would give the US Attorney General discretion to approve or deny a federal firearms license, even if an American citizen has never been convicted of a crime. So, that means, the Attorney General could take a look at someone’s political affiliations and decide they’re not getting a gun.

The AG would be able to deny a firearms license if they determine that the potential gun owner “poses a significant danger of bodily injury to self or others” by owning a firearm and we already know what AG Garland thinks about concerned parents who attend school board meetings.

The federal government would be able to deny Americans their Second Amendment gun rights for a myriad of trivial reasons such as if they’ve ever been arrested or have any kind of history of drug or alcohol abuse or for the “unsafe storage or handling of firearms.”

Furthermore, some could be denied a firearm because of a “recent acquisition of firearms, ammunition or other deadly weapons.”

The bill would allow the federal government to essentially keep track of and limit the number of firearms Americans are allowed to own.

Applicants for a federal gun license would also have to submit proof of taking extensive safety classes. That means it won’t be enough for kids to learn how to properly handle firearms from their parents.

Americans are not on board with gun control laws no matter how zealously the radical left pushes them.

Attempting to make gun ownership a privilege rather than a right is not going to go the way Democrats think it will come November.

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