AOC Has Meltdown After Twitter Parody Account Goes Viral

(Republican Leader) – Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York not only has the intelligence quotient of a toddler’s shoe size, she apparently was born without the part of the brain capable of processing humor, a truth made evident by her recent hissy-fit over a Twitter parody account that has popped up and gained massive popularity this week.

Michael Schwarz, a writer for The Western Journal, wrote that ‘Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Press Release (parody)’, is a satirical profile — clearly marked as so in the actual handle for the account — has greatly irritated AOC, leading her to warn her followers about it and saying, “I am assessing with my team how to move forward.”

She must be a real blast at congressional parties.

Clearly, what she is insinuating with her response to the account is that she is seeking to take some sort of legal action against the individual or team running the profile. This is why comedy in our modern era is all but dead. If you can’t even laugh at yourself, especially being a public figure, well, you’re going to have a rough go serving in Congress.

I mean, if AOC really doesn’t want people to mock her, maybe she shouldn’t continue to do stupid things worthy of such treatment?

“The parody account makes fun of Ocasio-Cortez’s apparent deficiency in relevant knowledge due in part to what some might perceive as her excessive interest in being a woke celebrity. A pinned tweet, for instance, reads as follows: ‘Printing money is the only way out of inflation,'” Schwarz stated in his report.

Schwarz then said, “The threat against the First Amendment looms over every conservative on every media platform. Ocasio-Cortez, in fact, became the smiling face of the new censorship regime when she celebrated the ‘deplatforming’ of Tucker Carlson.”

Adding more evidence to the argument that AOC is devoid of a funny bone is the fact that she says the parody account is “impersonating her” and “releasing false policy statements.” Does this lady even know what the word, “parody” or “satire” means? Given her level of intelligence it’s totally possible that she doesn’t.

“Had Twitter existed in say, 1964, and had a brave subject of the Mao Zedong regime in China somehow managed to create an account called ‘Chairman Mao Press Release (parody),’ is there any doubt that Chairman Mao himself, once appraised of the situation, would have used similar words to describe it — that is, after marking the culprit for death?” Schwarz added.

People like Ocasio-Cortez practically write the comedic material themselves, yet, due to the blinders placed over their eyes, they don’t see what the rest of us do. Only a tyrant wants to silence criticism, humorous or otherwise. And gee golly, wouldn’t you know? AOC fits that exact description.

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