Biden Admin Shuts Down 4th Of July Celebration

(Republican Leader) – If President Joe Biden’s policies weren’t enough to convince you that he is not a fan of the very country he is supposed to be serving, the fact that he is shutting down a 4th of July celebration should be all you need to get the message. After all, that’s our nation’s birthday, arguably the most important U.S. holiday — not including worldwide holidays like Christmas and Easter — on our yearly calendar. Liberals are always trying to rain on the parade of patriotism.

Eric Mayer, reporter for Keloland, revealed that, once again, the National Parks Service has rejected Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s application for a permit to set off a big fireworks show at Mount Rushmore. One of the most patriotic landmarks in the United States and the folks in South Dakota aren’t allowed to have fireworks to celebrate the founding of the greatest nation on earth? That’s shameful.

According to the article, Noem applied for the July 2023 permit during the summer of 2022.

“KELOLAND News reached out to the NPS to find out what happened with that request. A spokesperson for the NPS said after careful consideration, the parks service was unable to grant the governor’s request to hold a special event with fireworks at Mount Rushmore National Memorial,” Mayer penned.

The NPS disclosed that they had made their decision concerning the rejection of the application in January of 2023. Mayer reached out to the office of Gov. Noem to get a comment about the decision.

In a tweet that was posted on Jan. 12, Noem wrote, “The best way to celebrate America’s Birthday is with fireworks at Mount Rushmore. Today, the Biden Administration rejected them. Again.”

Last July, Noem stated in a press release that she wanted to work with the Biden administration in order to “give the people the celebration they deserve” in 2023. This now marks the third consecutive year that the National Parks Service has denied the applications.

What was the NPS’ excuse the first two times? One was alleged environmental concerns, the other was objections from Native American tribes.

Mayer’s report noted, “In July 2022, the Eighth Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals ruled against an appeal from Noem. The decision said removing the NPS permit process would make it harder, not easier, to have a fireworks show at Mount Rushmore.”

“In South Dakota, fireworks can start being sold June 27 through July 5. In permitted locations, South Dakota state law allows the discharge of fireworks from June 27 to the first Sunday after July 4 and from Dec. 28 to Jan. 1. Fireworks are prohibited within the Black Hills Fire Protection District and city limits,” Keloland News concluded.

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