BOMBSHELL REPORT: Trump Floated Surgical Strike Against Cartel To Halt Drug Trafficking

(Republican Leader) – The only people who don’t see a problem with the ongoing border crisis are unhinged leftists who have, apparently, lost all ability to think rationally and reasonably.

A new book written by a bitter former Trump administration official, titled “A Sacred Oath,” attempts to paint President Trump’s ideas to fight illegal immigration and drug trafficking as insane but in reality Trump’s ideas are just common sense.

Mark Esper, who served as Trump’s Secretary of Defense after James Mattis was dismissed, outlined several of Trump’s ideas in his new book, according to the New York Times, including his proposal to fire missiles at criminal drug manufacturing labs in Mexico.

Trump asked Esper about this possibility to “destroy the drug labs” in 2020 but Esper made it seem as though the idea was preposterous and crazy proving how out of touch he is with Americans who would, no doubt, support such a plan.

Organized drug and human smuggling operations run rampant at the porous southern border and highly efficient criminal organizations have become experts in moving highly dangerous drugs, such as fentanyl, across and into American communities.

Who could possibly think that destroying illegal drug manufacturing labs with missiles is a bad thing? Only Esper and fellow radicals.

President Trump had a handle on the southern border like few presidents before him in modern times. His successful “Remain in Mexico” policy along with the construction of the border wall proved to be essential in deterring criminal activity and infiltration of the border during Trump’s administration.

Biden came along, however, and reversed and undid it all despite the vast majority of Americans being in support of Trump’s tactics. Esper speaks for a minority of Americans when he implies Trump’s ideas are outrageous and insane.

Esper also attempted to imply that Trump was off-his-rocker for suggesting a plan to deploy 250,000 military service members to the southern border. Yet another policy that Americans would view as necessary and reasonable.

Unlike Biden, Trump had a productive and healthy relationship with the leaders of Mexico and Latin American governments during his tenure. President Trump has even referred to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador warmly since leaving office.

These same leaders don’t seem to be as enthusiastic about Biden’s leadership with some of them complaining that his regime refuses to work with Central American governments to properly deter illegal immigration.

Remember, illegal immigration doesn’t just affect the US even though this is the final destination for the majority of them. It’s a a huge problem in Central America and the Biden regime has obviously been unwilling to do anything at all to help deter it.

Illegal immigration causes so many more problems than just the illegal migration of humans. It paves the way for criminal drug and human smuggling which only enrich violent and sophisticated criminal cartels.

This criminal activity is a major problem for the US and our southern neighbors. President Trump understood that and wanted to work together to make this part of the world a better place for everyone.

Maybe, just maybe, destroying drug manufacturing labs would benefit both the US and Mexico. Sadly, the current regime is only interested in protecting the “rights” of non-citizens and that includes their “right” to commit crime, apparently.

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