CA Gov. Gavin Newsom On Verge Of Launching Presidential Bid?

(Republican Leader) – Many individuals have been speculating that California Democratic Party Gov. Gavin Newsom has ambitions of sitting in the Oval Office one day, and if his recent digs at conservatives are any indication, that “one day,” might be 2028, as political experts are now saying he’s positioning himself for a presidential campaign.

Arjun Singh, contributor with the Daily Caller, wrote, “Newsom has made a spate of announcements targeting conservatives — such as setting up billboard ads in GOP-led states to promote California as an ‘abortion sanctuary,’ proposing a constitutional convention to pass an amendment controlling gun ownership and sparring with Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida regarding migrant flights from his state. The measures have prompted views that Newsom is trying to cultivate a national profile to run for president, which he could do as early as 2024, as well as defend California’s left-wing policy record amid critiques.”

“[H]is behavior is consistent with all the things you mention,” Morris Fiorina, a professor of political science at Stanford University, went on to say concerning whether Newsom was engaging in ‘candidate behavior’ ahead of a presidential bid. “[S]hould the president be unable to run for any reason in 2024, Newsom could be viewed by the party as a 2024 nominee,” Fiorina continued, adding that the California Democrat was trying to “position himself for 2028.”

Another political expert says that while Newsom does have presidential ambitions, the reason for his combative stance against Republicans is likely a defense of his state’s extreme far-left policies, which have come under heavy fire in recent years, beginning with his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think that like any politician, Newsom’s motives are mixed, but they are probably mostly an attempt to provide a loud voice about California and progressive politics,” Henry E. Brady, the former dean of the Goldman School for Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley, explained.

If Newsom decides not to give the White House a go in 2024, he would then be eligible to launch a campaign in 2028 after his term as governor in California is over.

“President Joe Biden, a Democrat, is running for reelection in 2024 and Newsom has said that he will not challenge Biden for the Democratic nomination. However, concerns about Biden’s age and fitness for the presidency — he will be 82 on inauguration day in 2025 and has often committed public gaffes — with some left-wing commentators saying that Newsom would be a strong candidate to succeed him,” the Daily Caller reported.

“If Joe Biden wasn’t running again for president, surely Gavin Newsom would be the best choice for Dems to put forward,” tweeted Mehdi Hassan, an MSNBC host and political commentator, following Newsom’s interview with Sean Hannity that aired on Fox News, an unusual appearance for a Democrat. “[T]he Dems need a fighter. Newsom seems to get that,” Hasan continued.

During his interview on Sean Hannity’s program, the California governor stated, “everyone has their quiet chatter,” which was just him slipping and ducking the question about his intentions to run for the White House and whether or not he feels Biden is fit to discharge the duties of the office he currently occupies.

When asked if he’d enter the Democratic primary under any circumstances he remarked, “no, none.”

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