DeSantis: ‘I’m Fully Prepared To Have A Florida-California Showdown’ If Newsom Replaces Biden

(Republican Leader) – For some time now, many have speculated that California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is preparing for a 2024 presidential bid, which would mean he will have to primary current President Joe Biden who already announced he’s seeking a second term in office. Given the level of doubt surrounding Biden’s mental acuity and physical ability to discharge the duties of his office for another four years, there’s a strong possibility that, ultimately, the Democratic Party is going to replace him on the ticket. If that happens, one of the leading contenders for the spot is most definitely Newsom.

However, Vivek Saxena of BizPac Review is reporting that Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has come out with both barrels blazing, stating that he is 100 percent prepared to take on Newsom should the California Democrat become the presidential nominee.

“The Florida Republican offered the bombshell revelation after being asked at a Blaze Media Summit event whether he believes President Joe Biden will be the Democrat nominee,” Saxena wrote.

“Honestly, I go back and forth because it’s an incumbent president, and unless he’s willing to step aside, I don’t think they can get him out of there,” he started off. “On the other hand, I’m fully prepared to have a Florida-California showdown and let the people choose what’s the better vision for the United States of America because I’m very confident that the freedom in Florida is what more people would choose rather than the public defecation on the streets of San Francisco.”

To demonstrate he has the upper hand, DeSantis spoke about the incredible number of individuals from the state of California that moved to Florida.

“So here’s the truth: When I became governor, and I was born and raised in Florida, I had never seen a California license plate in the state of Florida in my life. And all of a sudden, we start seeing California plates,” he explained. “My supporters are like, ‘Uh oh, who are these people?’ Because, remember, I may have won by 20 points in November, but the Florida races were one percent. So if you bring in 50,000 Californians, 50,000 people from New York, all of a sudden, it could be a blue state.”

Thank goodness that isn’t what happened, as it seems the majority of those individuals who migrated to Florida from blue states have voted mostly conservative.

“We would have supporters go to supermarkets in like Palm Beach, find every New York or New Jersey license plate, put a flier in the windshield and say, do not vote down here the way they vote up there,” DeSantis went on to say. “But what ended up happening was, I think we drew people who believe what we were doing, it wasn’t just these were liberals who just wanted no state income tax. There may have been some of those, but I think most of these people said you know what? Florida is a free state. I’m not dealing with these lockdowns.”

The governor’s comments come as there is an increasing rivalry developing between the two politicians. A feud between the two men started last year after Newsom began, quite out of the blue, talking trash Florida and DeSantis.

Many who have been keeping a close eye on this political development have suggested that Newsom is convinced DeSantis will win the Republican Party nomination and is getting ready to fight him come 2024.

“The problem is that Newsom hasn’t declared his candidacy for office. If anything, he’s vowed to not run this election cycle, EVEN if President Biden bows out of the race for whatever reason,” Saxon noted.

“His message to Ron Klain and Jill Biden over the summer — when he visited Washington amid growing speculation, and considerable West Wing irritation, that he was plotting a primary challenge — was to count him as a firm supporter of Biden’s reelection: ‘I’m all in, count me in,’ he said he told them. Newsom relayed the same to Biden himself on election night,” Politico stated in a report published last November.

At this point, nobody really understands why he would be attacking the Florida governor. A poll that was done last year in California found that DeSantis would win between the two men.

“In a hypothetical matchup, DeSantis beats Newsom in California where 85 percent of the state’s Republican voters would choose the Florida governor, who is also taking the lead among independents, Latinos and voters who are between 40 to 49 years old,” Newsweek went on to say last September, citing data taken from a Probolsky Research poll.

“We have seen Newsom’s weak support among Latino voters before, most notably in his Recall Election. California Latinos were among the hardest hit by Covid-19 lock-downs and school closures and likely blame the governor for his handling of the pandemic,” the pollster’s president commented at the time.

“To be clear, there is virtually no chance a Republican candidate for president will win California in 2024,″ Probolsky remarked. “But these numbers should be a warning sign for Newsom’s team as he branches out to other states trying to build a national coalition.”

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