DeSantis UNLEASHES On TX Sheriff Who Launched Criminal Probe Against Him

(Republican Leader) – There’s a reason why Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is a rising star in the conservative movement. It’s because he’s taken a cue from former President Donald Trump — which many MAGA Republicans have, altering the current state of the GOP — and developed a spine of steel, allowing him to take on those that oppose the values we share.

We’ve witnessed him take on Disney and Paypal, two huge liberal corporations, and come out victorious. He’s truly a force to be reckoned with. And yet, people on the left continue to try going after him — just like they do with Trump — not realizing they are only hurting themselves in the long run.

A great example of this comes from an epic burn that DeSantis just delivered to to Texas Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, who, surprise, surprise, is a Democrat, completely obliterating the man after he declared war against the Florida governor by announcing he was going to be launching an investigation into his sending 50 illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, a report from BizPacReview stated.

“Salazar joined the front line of Democrats screaming bloody murder over DeSantis flying two flights of illegal immigrants from Texas to the wealthy elitist playground. He’s now pushing the kidnapping angle being promoted by Governor Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) and has opened an investigation under the auspices of migrants being ‘lured’ from the Migrant Resource Center under ‘false pretenses’ and then flown to Martha’s Vineyard,” the report said.

“Here we have 48 people that are already on hard times. They are here legally in our country at that point,” he disingenuously went on to state. “I believe that they were preyed upon. Somebody came from out of state, preyed upon these people, lured them with promises of a better life, which is absolutely what they were looking for.”

Sheriff Salazar then went on to say that his office is now partnering up with attorneys and advocacy groups to launch an attack against DeSantis. This, my friends, is not a smart move. Just ask Disney.

“What we understand is a Venezuelan migrant was paid a…bird-dog fee to recruit approximately 50 migrants…and I will use the word “lured” under false pretenses into staying in a hotel for a few days, then taken to an airplane where they were flown to Florida and then eventually flown to Martha’s Vineyard under false pretenses of being offered jobs,” Salazar remarked. “For what we can gather, a little more than a photo op, a video op, and then they were unceremoniously stranded in Martha’s Vineyard.”

If the thought ever crossed Salazar’s mind that making his impotent threats would cause DeSantis to fall apart and run scared with his tail tucked between his legs, well, he’s sorely mistaken.

In fact, DeSantis ended up taking full responsibility and credit for both charter flights that were filled with migrants from Venezuela that he flew from San Antonio to Florida and then on to the wealthy haven of Martha’s Vineyard. This move quickly exposed the hypocrisy of the left concerning their bluster about taking care of illegal migrants, which is why everyone is so up in arms over this all of the sudden.

According to BizPacReview, the migrants were reportedly given the opportunity to decide against being sent to the location, while also being offered hotels, meals, showers, and haircuts days before the trip. A few of them decided not to go. All of this flies in the face of the narrative that the radical left tries to push about DeSantis and even Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott being guilty of human trafficking and kidnapping.

“DeSantis’ administration refuted the rumors that the illegal immigrants were promised jobs in Martha’s Vineyard. They contend that the individuals were simply presented with information about the benefits and services that are commonly found in sanctuary states,” the report stated. “Many did choose to go and, considering they were homeless and here illegally, it was pretty much a no-brainer.”

DeSantis responded to the sheriff’s attack by putting out a statement that claimed the immigrants were abandoned in Bexar County and “left to fend for themselves.”

“Florida gave them an opportunity to seek greener pastures in a sanctuary jurisdiction that offered greater resources for them, as we expected. Unless the MA national guard has abandoned these individuals, they have been provided accommodations, sustenance, clothing, and more options to succeed following their unfair enticement into the United States, unlike the 53 immigrants who died in a truck found abandoned in Bexar County this June,” the statement read, no doubting leaving a massive bruise on Salazar’s attempt at being tough.

“That was in reference to the tragic deaths of 53 migrants found in a locked commercial truck in San Antonio earlier this year,” the report noted.

Sheriff Salazar is not the only one who has launched an attack against DeSantis after sending the 50 illegal migrants up to Martha’s Vineyard. California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom sent out a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland imploring him to launch an investigation into the Florida Republican to see if he could be charged with kidnapping.

Newsom’s letter is the absolute definition of hypocrisy as he himself launched a program to bus thousands of homeless people out of the city of San Francisco and the state, according to a report from Fox News.

“Immigrants have been more than willing to leave Bexar County after being abandoned, homeless, and ‘left to fend for themselves,’” Taryn Fenske, the communications director for DeSantis, went on to say in a statement released Monday when asked about the sheriff’s probe by Politico. “Unless the MA national guard has abandoned these individuals, they have been provided accommodations, sustenance, clothing.”

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