Did Trump Just Pick His VP?

(Republican Leader) – While the Republican Party primary election season has only just begun, there is already a very, very clear frontrunner in former President Donald Trump. In fact, he’s so far ahead of the other candidates that, at this point, it will take something monumental in order to lose. He’s almost a shoe-in.

As a result of that, many folks have already accepted that he is likely going to be the nominee to take on President Joe Biden next year in the general election, thus, talk of who his potential running mate might be is already starting to heat up.

According to Bryan Chai of The Western Journal, Trump himself has remained fairly quiet on the topic of potential running mates for the general election, leaving voters with plenty of time to speculate who might be a good fit for the job. So who are folks talking about?

Kari Lake from Arizona is one name that has been garnering a lot of support as of late.

“Lake, for the unfamiliar, first burst onto the political scene as a firebrand gubernatorial candidate in Arizona (a race which she still alleges was stolen from her) after a successful career doing local broadcast Arizona news,” Chai wrote. “Eventually growing weary of the establishment media landscape, Lake took to politics like a fish to water, immediately becoming a force of a gubernatorial candidate despite not having any political experience.”

“Regardless of how much mileage you may get out of stolen election narratives, it’s inarguable that Lake’s inaugural foray into politics showed that she could compete,” Chai continued. “And it appears that the same fighting spirit and relentlessness that made her such an outstanding gubernatorial candidate are potentially paving a path for her to be the next Vice President of the United States.”

A report from People that came out on Thursday stated that Lake has now been described as “practically” living at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. This makes a lot of sense seeing as how Lake has been a supporter of Trump, going around and campaigning for him as needed.

“Kari Lake is there all the time,” an unnamed source went on to reveal to People. “There’s a suite there that she practically lives in.”

However, when asked about the new rumors swirling around her, Lake’s team denied, denied, denied.

“Kari Lake often speaks at events all over the country in support of America First candidates and organizations; and when she does have the honor of being invited to speak at the beautiful Mar-a-Lago, she overnights at Hilton properties in Palm Beach with her loving husband of 25 years,” a statement from a Lake adviser to People declared.

The slightly edgy response from Lake’s team, which also included a reference to her “loving husband of 25 years,” seems to largely be in response to the sleazy undertone present in the People editorial.

It seems People is attempting to paint a picture of something romantic or sexual in nature happening between Trump and Lake, including a ridiculous claim that Lake is actually spending more time at the Mar-a-Lago estate than Trump’s wife Melania.

In other words, the leftists hacks that work at People are trying to create yet another false narrative to paint Trump and now Lake in a negative light, smearing their reputation.

“A marked departure from former Vice President Mike Pence, Lake’s relative lack of time in the political sphere would likely be a solid selling point to a Trump voter base that is wildly disenfranchised with the established ‘uniparty’ running America,” The WJ said.

One of the biggest pluses about potentially having Lake as the vice presidential candidate is that she is bold, brazen, and totally unafraid to speak her mind, regardless of the consequences. Having her on Team Trump would mean having a proverbial double-barreled shotgun loaded with truth. There will be no holding back. And that’s what this country desperately needs right now as we’ve all grown sick and tired of the political correctness that is choking our nation to death.

“Lake also presents Trump with a few uniquely-fitting advantages, such as possibly helping the former president with suburban women vote and with Arizona (an increasingly purple battleground state,)” Chai noted.

It’ll be interesting to see other names that might get tossed in the mix as the GOP primary season goes on, but for now, Lake looks like a pretty high ranking contender on the list.

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