Gaffe-Prone Kamala Harris Says US Must ‘Reduce Population’ To Fight Climate Change

(Republican Leader) – We’ve been treated to a wide variety of nuttiness thanks to the word salads tossed about by Vice President Kamala Harris. She just might be the most incompetent and ill spoken individual to ever occupy the office, but none of the insanity she’s polluted the air with has come even remotely close to her Freudian slip during a recent speech where she stated that in order to help save the environment we need to “reduce the population.”

If this comment seems familiar, it’s likely because it’s very similar to the line of thinking expressed by Marvel Studios big bad, Thanos, in “The Avengers” movies who believed the only way for life in the universe to flourish was to reduce its overall population by half so there would be enough resources for those left behind. Its sick and twisted reductionist ideology carried out to its logical conclusion.

Nick Pope of the Daily Caller reports that Harris made the comment during an address in Baltimore, Maryland as she was promoting the green spending agenda.

“When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water,” Harris declared. This would be the part in the movie where you hear a sudden record scratch followed by a voice over saying, “Hold up. Wait a minute. Let’s rewind. Did she just say what I think she said? Play it back.”

“The climate crisis impacts everybody, but it does not impact all communities equally,” she continued. “Poor communities, rural communities, native communities and communities of color are often the hardest hit and the least able to recover.”

“Harris made the remarks during a speech at Coppin State University in Baltimore to announce $20 billion in taxpayer funds that the Biden administration has made available for green energy initiatives via the Inflation Reduction Act, according to The Baltimore Sun,” Pope divulged.

The White House attempted to spin the incident by saying that Harris simply misspoke, intending to say the word “pollution” instead of “population,” making reference to a transcript of the speech that was posted on the White House website. And you know, that very well could be the truth, especially when you look at the track record Harris has for absolutely atrocious public speeches. Then again, it could have been a subconscious slip of the tongue.

Many progressives have touted the idea of population reduction and various means of making the human population smaller. Of course, one benefit for statists of having a smaller population is that it’s easier to control smaller groups than large ones.

Michael Regan, the chief bureaucrat for the Environmental Protection Agency, joined the vice president for her speech, which, as per The Sun, focused on “environmental justice.”

“The $20 billion comes from two programs under the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. More than half of that sum will flow to low-income and historically-disadvantaged areas, including rural and Native American localities, according to a White House official who spoke with NBC News,” the Daily Caller, Nick Pope noted.

“President Joe Biden signed an executive order in January 2021 directing federal agencies to allocate their green energy spending such that at least 40% of certain program benefits end up in marginalized communities,” he added.

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