GOP Senator Drops His Best Lines Ever To Describe D.C. Cover-Up For Hunter Biden

(Republican Leader) – Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana is truly an artist when it comes to painting pictures using words, which is a talent he put on full display while chit-chatting about the latest scandals involving President Joe Biden’s wayward younger son, Hunter Biden. I mean, the farce is so out there at this point the material practically writes itself, right?

Sierra Marlee, writer for BizPac Review reports, “During a Fox News segment on a statement from Hunter Biden prosecutor David Weiss, Kennedy went off on the ‘Washington managerial elite’ who are ‘working harder than an ugly stripper’ to make sure the Biden son comes out squeaky clean.”

I don’t care who you are, that’s funny. I’m filing that one away for my own personal use. It’s too good to pass up. This man truly has a gift, ladies and gentlemen.

“It’s almost always the cover-up and not the crime,” Kennedy kicked things off, going on to state that he is “repeatedly amazed at how many smart people there are in Washington, D.C. who have no sense.”

“Look, I don’t know if Mr. Hunter Biden committed a crime, I sure don’t know if President Biden committed a crime, we’re trying to get the facts. But I do know this, and I think the American people can see it,” he elaborated. “The Washington managerial elite, the establishment, if you will, is working harder than an ugly stripper to cover up what happened. And that’s all that Congress is asking for is the facts.”

The Louisiana Republican was far from done.

“To the point that they have no sense, the elite in Washington think that the American people don’t see that they’re covering up, and that they’re being obstructionists. Maybe it’s a reflection of the contempt they have for the American people, but any fair-minded person can see that our effort to get to just the facts are being obstructed,” he continued.

We need more people in Congress who are colorful characters like Sen. John Kennedy. Not only does he lighten the mood as the darkness continues to swirl all around us, providing much needed levity, but he also speaks the unvarnished truth. That is something in short supply these days.

Never change, Sen. Kennedy.

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