Hosts Of ‘The View’ Reveal Who They Believe Could ‘Obliterate’ Trump Or DeSantis In 2024…. It’s Absurd

(Republican Leader) – Sunny Hostin, co-host of “The View,” recently called Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis a “fascist,” which proves she is throwing around terminology she doesn’t actually understand, while taking things a step further and stating that Vice President Kamala Harris and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg running on the same 2024 Democratic ticket would “obliterate” the GOP candidate for president, whether that be Trump or DeSantis.

If that doesn’t prove to you that leftists are delusional, I’m not sure what it will take.

The comments were made during a chat about prospective 2024 candidates.

According to TheBlaze, “Guest host Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former White House communications director for the Trump administration, expressed her opinion that President Joe Biden is not the best candidate for Democrats to run against Trump, who has given no indication he will not run for the White House again in 2024. This led to a conversation about Biden’s age, younger Democrats who may be better candidates, and Republicans who might challenge Trump for the GOP nomination.”

“I hope it’s not DeathSantis over in Florida, because I think he’s a fascist,” Sunny Hostin went on to declare after Whoopi Goldberg stated that she’s more interested in who Republicans nominate for 2024 than with what the Democrats decide to do.

“I think he handled COVID miserably, I think he is a fascist and a bigot,” she commented.

Then Joy Behar got in the conversation saying, “Those are his good points!”

“Hostin went on to say that she hates how people talk about Biden being too old to run for re-election when Trump, his presumptive challenger, would be pushing 80 in that election,” TheBlaze reported.

“If the former twice-impeached disgraced president thinks he’s such a young spring chicken, I mean, he’s going to be 78 when Joe Biden is 81,” she said during the show. “And so I don’t like this ageism argument.”

Hostin continued, “I do think there are plenty of Democrats that have tons of verve and energy. I like Gavin Newsom because he’s really pretty to look at and I think he does a great job in California.”

Hostin then posited that both Harris and Buttigieg would be a great Democratic Party ticket.

“Do you think they could win, really?” Behar asked during the segment.

“Well, I would vote for them,” Hostin stated enthusiastically. “I hope this country is ready for something like that. I think the brain power alone would just obliterate Trump or DeathSantis.”

The chat on the program came about as Biden’s poll numbers are continuing to circle the bottom of the toilet bowl, which has more than a few Democratic insiders worried about a potential re-election campaign for him come 2024.

Biden himself has insisted that he plans to run again, though Democratic strategist David Axelrod, along with others, have stated that his age would be a “major issue” in the next campaign.

Some donors on the GOP side are also making similar comments concerning Trump. A report from the Washington Post stated several individuals planning to run for the GOP nomination are talking with donors who think that voters might want someone new to face off against Biden, rather than face a potential redo of the previous election.

“DeSantis, meanwhile, is consistently coming in second place or outright beating Trump in prospective 2024 straw polls of conservative activists. While the Florida governor has not said he wants to run for president, he remains extremely popular with Republicans for refusing to lock down his state during the COVID-19 pandemic and for fighting back against woke corporations that have attacked his policies,” TheBlaze said.

When DeSantis was asked about his future ambitions, he said that right now, his focus is completely on his re-election campaign and on helping the GOP to win big in the midterms later this year.

“I think you have the opportunity to have a really big red wave,” he stated during an interview on Fox News Monday. He then revealed that his desire to end Florida’s reputation as a swing state and have the GOP “take it off the board” with decisive electoral victories on both the state and local levels.

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