How MTG Has Forced Biden WH To Change Course

(Republican Leader) – Joe Biden is a puppet and those pulling his strings aren’t nearly as stupid and inept as he is. Now they’ve switched up their strategy regarding opinionated conservative firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Instead of trying to censor and shut her up, the White House is now using her own words against her and in Biden’s favor, granted they have to take them wildly out of context but that’s a Democratic specialty.

On Tuesday, the Biden campaign shared a clip of the Georgia Republican from a recent conservative conference where she slammed Biden for his out of control infrastructure and environmental spending, arguing that he “is actually finishing what FDR started, that LBJ expanded on.”

Biden’s team called that a win. They immediately took the clip, isolated it from the rest of what she was saying and blasted it all over social media. The rest of Greene’s sentiments were hardly supportive of Biden. She tweeted her full remarks which included the exact quote used by Biden’s campaign along with her condemnation of the state of the US. She wrote in her tweet, “Be honest Joe.”

As RealClearPolitics points out, “For a president who began his time in office by huddling with New Deal historians, her condemnation was his highest exaltation. Biden once told historian Doris Kearns Goodwin in the East Room, ‘I’m no FDR’ before trailing off midsentence. The ambition, now explicitly confirmed, is that he’d like to be.”

Biden is the biggest spender to sit in the Oval Office yet, best evidenced by his so-called Inflation Reduction Act which cost a staggering $1.9 trillion. This exorbitant spending hardly aligns with his supposed transformative goals and ambitions like Franklin Roosevelt’s Social Security Act of 1935 or Lyndon B. Johnson’s Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Joe Biden’s campaign has pounced on the opportunity to pervert Greene’s words and compare him to his political heroes. A far cry from the regime’s previous strategy regarding Greene which was to ignore her and act as though she and her comments were beneath them.

When asked if the administration had a response to Rep. Greene in January of 2021, newly minted White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki deferred. “We don’t,” Psaki said. “And I’m not going to speak further about her, I think, in this briefing room.”

A senior administration adviser told RealClearPolitics that Biden didn’t want to inadvertently boost a critic’s profile when offering a rebuttal. Two years later, though, Psaki has left the White House to join MSNBC, and the regime now loves to publicly excoriate MTG. The adviser insisted to RCP that they aren’t promoting Greene so much as they are addressing an emerging voice in the GOP.

The Biden team is clearly concerned about Greene’s influence in the GOP and rightfully so. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy rewarded her loyalty with choice committee assignments and left the regime with no choice but to start responding to her with rebuttals rather than continue ignoring her.

They’ve been twisting her words and making her out to be an advocate for political violence which she, of course, is not.

When she stated last December that if she led the January 6, 2021 Capitol riots, “We would have won” and “It would’ve been armed,” the White House condemned her remarks as “dangerous” and “abhorrent.” MTG insisted she had been joking, saying Biden needed “to learn how sarcasm works.”

Democrats apparently lost their sense of humor after Biden usurped the White House. They told all sorts of jokes when Trump was president about blowing up the White House and assassinating him. No one seemed to have any issues with it then. Those double standards are always rearing their ugly heads.

Now Biden is planning to go to Georgia and use Greene’s words to his advantage, campaigning on the agenda she rejects. His team is hoping to use her to coax more centrist Republicans to their side.

“President Biden knows what his values are: he will never apologize for delivering life-changing economic opportunity to rural areas, and he will never apologize for strengthening our military and supporting military families,” asserted Deputy White House Press Secretary Andrew Bates.

“Unfortunately, mainstream Republicans in Congress haven’t yet found the guts to stand up to either member in a real way, even as Marjorie Taylor Greene tries to kill high-paying Bidenomics jobs coming to her district,” he added, before dishonestly calling on Republicans to “find their voice: are they with the President and military families and rural economic growth, or will they keep caving to the most radical elements of their party?”

Democrats have to repeatedly lie in order to make Biden look good and use Greene’s own words against her. It’s pathetic, transparent, and predictable.

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