HUGE: Trump Says He’ll Bring Back ‘Travel Ban’ To Avoid ‘Same Fate’ As France

(Republican Leader) – Former President Donald Trump delivered a speech on Friday in Iowa, revealing that if he should be given another four-year term as president, he would reinstate a travel ban in order to help prevent riots happening in America like they are right now in France. Massive riots exploded in the nation of France after law enforcement officials shot a 17-year-old who was refusing to comply with officers during a traffic stop in Nanterre, which is a suburb outside of Paris.

According to the Daily Caller, local police have already made over 180 arrests during the violence, which has resulted in dozens of buildings, including a few police stations and even schools, being burned down.

“When I return to office, the travel ban is coming back, even bigger than before and much stronger than before,” Trump went on to say during his speech. “We don’t want people blowing up our shopping centers, we don’t want people blowing up our cities, and we don’t want people stealing our farms – that’s not going to happen.”

“The United States will not be condemned to the same fate as is happening in France,” Trump added. “And I told Macron this was going to happen when I first met him.”

During his first term in office, Trump instated a travel ban on seven different nations that have a majority Muslim population and ties with known terrorist organizations. This was done on Jan. 28, 2017. The Supreme Court upheld the ban in a 5-4 ruling back in June 2018.

“We must also redouble our efforts to ensure that anyone who comes to America shares our values and assimilates into our culture,” the former president said to the audience in Council Bluffs, Iowa. “We don’t want people coming into our country that hate us, we want people that love us.”

“Who the hell wants an open border for the world to spill in and for them to dump every person who’s mentally ill, or a convicted killer or convict into our country?” Trump asked the audience later in the address. “I mean, who wants that? How is it good for us?”

It’s not good for us. At all. Allowing illegal aliens to swarm across the border puts a massive strain on resources in border states and towns, which inevitably spreads across the whole country. We already have a difficult time managing spending and welfare resources for the Americans who call the country home. We do not have enough to support people from all around the world.

On top of that, this is a massive national security risk. How many of the individuals sneaking across the border are working for either a terrorist group or a drug cartel? And yet, people like this are slipping through the cracks, thanks to the horrific job being done by President Joe Biden, who has not addressed the border crisis at all.

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