Joe Biden Gets Brutal Wake-Up Call As Approval Rating Hits An All-Time Low

(Republican Leader) – Joe Biden has completely and utterly destroyed the US economy in a most unprecedented way. His “Bidenomics” were intentional and destructive from Day One and Americans are not happy, at least not the sane majority of us.

A new CBS News poll proves just how bad Biden’s policies have been for the country. Americans are tired of being broke.

On Sunday, CBS reported that its poll shows Biden with an overall approval rating of 40 percent, the lowest of his presidency for the outlet which is saying something since CBS is not exactly known for conducting honest polls.

Biden scored even lower when the economy was the sole issue with just 34 percent approving of his job performance in that regard, matching the lowest point recorded in June of last year.

Americans don’t need to be masters in economics to know their wallets have taken a beating for the past 3 years. We don’t need a degree to know that inflation is out of control. When grocery shopping gives sticker shock week after week, Americans can’t help but remember better days.

The fact that Joe Biden shouldn’t even be sitting in the White House at all, makes it that much harder. The Biden family is corrupt through and through, despite the mainstream media’s willingness to turn a blind eye. Who could expect anyone to approve of Joe Biden’s job performance? There’s a good chance that 40 percent is far too high but it’s still abysmal.

The worst part is that the economy is only the tip of the disaster that is the Biden presidency. Everything he has done while in office has had a profoundly negative impact on the American people including the open southern border, the war on fossil fuels, climate change initiatives and the woke “diversity, equity, and inclusion” efforts, just to name a few.

The economy is just where Americans feel it the most.

“It’s not just whether one has a job, but what your wages can buy you. Most of those working say their pay is not keeping pace with rising prices,” CBS explained. “And even if the rate of inflation is slowing, those price hikes have clearly left their mark.”

“Prices are the No. 1 reason people give when asked why they call the economy bad and the top reason given when they describe their personal financial situation as bad.”

When Americans can no longer afford to eat, it has a way of making them pretty disheartened and unhappy. Bank accounts have been seriously hurting since Biden usurped the White House and how much money Americans have the ability to make and save is a barometer for the strength of the economy.

Americans expressed their disapproval to CBS. Out of the 2,181 polled, 35 percent said they were falling financially behind, 52 percent stated they were staying in place, while only 13 percent remarked they were “getting ahead.” That’s pretty awful.

It gets worse; sixty-five percent rated the economy as “bad,” versus only 29 percent who called it “good.” And 70 percent noted that their work income wasn’t keeping up with inflation as opposed to 30 percent who declared it was.

Looking at these numbers it’s impossible to see how Biden could have a chance at re-election, especially given the fact that Donald Trump is running again and life was good, really good, under Trump.

At the same point in his presidency — before the COVID-19 pandemic — President Trump presided over an economy that was booming thanks to his pro-growth policies.

It’s clear Americans are done buying the propaganda, at least a majority of us. The CBS poll likely inflated the numbers as much possible and they still only ended up with 40 percent.

Joe Biden doesn’t stand a chance at re-election. He has been the worst president the US has ever seen. Now we just have to hope and pray for fair elections. The only way Biden ends up in the White House is the same way he got there: corruption.

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