JUST IN: Republican Mayor Of Major U.S. City Jumps Into Presidential Race

(Republican Leader) – Francis Suarez, the mayor for the city of Miami, Florida, filed paperwork Wednesday to enter the 2024 Republican Party primary race, according to documents from the Federal Election Commission. The GOP field keeps expanding and expanding, despite the fact that former President Donald Trump has an absolutely massive lead, one that many analysts are calling “insurmountable,” going into the primary campaign season.

Fox News is reporting that, “The filing comes after a newly rebranded super PAC that supports Suarez launched a digital ad blitz earlier Wednesday in the first four states that hold contests in the 2024 GOP presidential nominating calendar. Suarez teased a run on ‘Fox News Sunday,’ saying he’s going to make a ‘major announcement’ in the coming weeks.”

“My announcement is to stay tuned,” he remarked during the interview on Sunday. “Next week, like you said, I’m going to be making a big speech in the Reagan Library, and I think it’s one that Americans should tune into.”

The mayor has been considering a run for the White House for several months now, having paid a visit to four of the key states when running for a presidential primary. Suarez was interviewed by Fox back in April during a stop in New Hampshire, where he was very optimistic about the primary race.

“You have to compete with other things, by inspiring people. You have to compete by explaining to people you have a track record of success, a vision for the future. That you can inspire people with a positive view of what their future can look like in ways other candidates can’t,” Suarez asserted during his chat with Fox News Digital.

“Suarez is joining the growing field of Republican candidates that already includes two fellow Floridians — former President Donald Trump, the current front-runner, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who announced his bid late last month,” Fox noted. “Suarez’s campaign announcement comes weeks after the Miami Herald reported that Suarez, who receives $130,000 in compensation to serve as mayor, is facing an ethics investigation for outside payments he received for private consulting.”

The investigation, which was started by the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust, is working with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office to examine the work Suarez did for developer Rishi Kapoor, who paid him a total of $170,000 since 2021.

The mayor has denied conflicts of interest on multiple occasions. In an interview with Fox News, he declared that the Herald has a left-wing bias.

“All of a sudden, they assign three reporters and come up with all these allegations in advance of what appears to be a major announcement that you indicated next week,” he commented during his conversation with anchor Shannon Bream.

The Democratic National Committee is no fan of Suarez, criticizing him for being “yet another contender in the race for the MAGA base who has supported key pieces of Donald Trump’s agenda.”

“As mayor of Miami, Suarez has repeatedly used his position to benefit himself, prioritizing pay raises for himself, accepting lavish gifts, and taking shady payments – all while ignoring the biggest challenges facing the people he was elected to serve,” DNC chair Jaime Harrison stated concerning the news that Suarez would be tossing his hat in the ring for the GOP nomination. “As the MAGA field keeps growing, we’ll keep reminding the American people that there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between these extreme, self-serving candidates.”

Could Suarez have received a more glowing recommendation?

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