Marine Injured In Afghan Explosion Describes Awkward Encounter With Biden After Losing Arm, Leg

(Republican Leader) – President Joe Biden has done a whole lot of things that have made folks dislike him, but his interaction with a Marine veteran who was injured in an explosion that happened in Afghanistan will make you despise the man with all of your heart. You are going to need to see your pastor after you read what Biden said, because you’ll have a whole lot of confessing to do. It’s that bad. This should completely obliterate his aspirations for a second term in office.

According to The Western Journal, Tyler Vargas-Andrews, a Marine who suffered a number of horrific wounds during the abysmally handled troop withdrawal in Afghanistan under Biden’s administration in August of 2021, recently did an interview on “The Shawn Ryan Show.”

“The Marine spoke on a number of topics related to that disaster, but he saved a scathing anecdote regarding the incumbent president towards the back third of the show, which you can watch in its entirety below,” Bryan Chai wrote in his report for the outlet.


Chai then divulged, “Vargas-Andrews, who lost an arm while evacuating the American embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, recounted the time Biden visited him at the hospital — and that’s about where the niceties end.”

“Right away, like, [I] remember him coming up to me, trying to shake my hand, like, [he] tried to shake my right hand” Vargas-Andrews, who, you know, is missing an arm, recounted. The wounded veteran then remarked, “I look at him, and I’m like, ‘I don’t have an arm,’ and my left arm is in this big a** cast with this giant, orange f***ing foam block around it, [rendering it] completely immobile.”

How can one be this callous or inept? It doesn’t seem possible. You have to really be out of touch with reality in order to say or do something like this to someone right in front of you, who is severely injured. Not to mention the reason for the wounds being due to the horrible decision making of the president himself. Either the dementia was kicking in, Biden is a terrible person, or he’s just plain stupid. Could be a combination of the three.

And it actually gets worse from there.

“All I can do is move my head,” Vargas-Andrews explained. “My arm’s gone, like, I don’t have an arm, and he says, ‘Oh.’”

“From there Biden, apparently still dead set on shaking a wounded man’s hand, then allegedly reached out to Vargas-Andrews’ exposed fingertips on his immobilized left arm and grabbed the fingers,” Chai noted.

“[Biden] doesn’t greet me or anything, just, that’s what happened,” Vargas-Andrews declared in the interview. “[He] just grabbed my fingers.”

Vargas-Andrews revealed that he found the whole exchange very weird and awkward before going on to accuse President Biden of making it all about himself. Given Biden’s narcissism, I find that to be totally true to his personality.

“I was like, okay, that’s weird,” Vargas-Andrews recalled. “And you know, [Biden] almost immediately starts talking, like, about how their son served in the military.”

The wounded veteran asserted that the president “doesn’t say anything about what happened” in Afghanistan. The whole thing did not sit well with the Marine’s mother who tore the president a new one.

“[My mom] was like, ‘I don’t give a f***. I don’t care what you guys f***ing do.’ She’s like, ‘You better take care of him for the rest of his f***ing life,’” Vargas-Andrews commented during the podcast.

And, again, things go even further downhill.

“[Biden] leans over me, and he’s like this close to my face,” Vargas-Andrews stated. “And he’s like: ‘What do you want?’”

“Excuse me? The interviewer, the eponymous Shawn Ryan, even echoed that question back at Vargas-Andrews, completely confused as to what, if anything, Biden was grasping at,” Chai reported.

“Yeah, he said ‘What do you want?’” Vargas-Andrews repeated. “I said, ‘What?’ He said, ‘What do you want?’ And I’m just like confused. I just got blown-up. Just f***ing saw my friends die next to me. I’m like, ‘I just want to be myself,’ and he’s like, ‘Huh?’”

“Vargas-Andrews’ furious mother repeated that her son just wanted to be whole again, and Biden handled it with the grace and class you’ve come to expect from him at this point,” Chai continued.

“He goes, ‘Oh. Okay,’” Vargas-Andrews went on to say. “And they just continue to talk about everything but what just happened.”

Do we really need additional reasons to vote Biden out of office in 2024? I don’t think so.

How Joe Biden treats our nation’s warriors says everything you need to know about him.

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