Megyn Kelly Guest: Biden, First Lady ‘Afraid’ Of Hunter, Because ‘They Don’t Want Him Flipping’

(Republican Leader) – It certainly is strange how close Hunter Biden is with Joe and Jill Biden considering he’s a grown adult. Not only is Hunter an adult with absolutely no experience in politics, he has a laundry list of issues and a very sordid past.

Hunter Biden is exactly the kind of unsavory character previous presidents have been careful to keep their distance from. So, why keep him close? Conservative commentator Victor Davis Hanson thinks he knows why.

Hanson told podcast host Megyn Kelly that Joe and Jill Biden keep Hunter around because they’re scared of what he might do if they don’t.

“It would make no sense. Or why would you get even close to this case? Why would you have a DOJ that is so politicized and so biased that they’re treating Hunter Biden with soft gloves? And why is Joe Biden being accompanied by Hunter when he’s under subpoena to disclose his financial status on this paternity suit? Is he hiding in the White House?” Hanson began.

“You know, when you have a Don Nixon, Malik Obama, Roger Clinton, or Billy Carter, presidents knew how to distance themselves from their family,” he added, highlighting the point that traditionally presidents don’t keep troublesome family members around the White House.

Hanson then suggested Hunter Biden might have some anger issues that motivate Joe and Jill to placate him at all costs.

“Once you start to read Hunter’s laptop very carefully and he references the ‘big guy,’ it’s always in very angry terms — that they don’t appreciate what I’m doing, I gave him this money, I’m carrying this family. Especially when he’s talking to his niece or his sister. ‘I’m the guy that has to do all the dirty work,’” he said.

Perhaps Joe and Jill Biden are afraid of Hunter because of his obvious issues with anger and animosity.

“You get the impression that somebody who left a crack pipe in a car or a gun was found in a dumpster or a laptop with felonious behavior is on it and he’s lost one or maybe two of them, that they are afraid of him. They feel that he’s capable of doing anything at any time. He’s angry, and they don’t want him flipping, or they don’t want him away talking to people,” he remarked.

“And they’re willing to risk their reputation and the integrity of the DOJ and even embarrassing situations like bringing him into the White House, and we still don’t know anything about the cocaine. Probably not Hunters, but it still cannot be explained by simple statement. ‘It is not a Biden that left the cocaine. We can assure you that.’ They can’t even say that,” he added.

He’s got a pretty valid point. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has refused to say that it was not a Biden who brought cocaine into the White House. Instead, she dances around the question and deflects.

Hanson then connected it all to Hunter’s shady art business that popped up out of the blue.

“Why, with all of this scrutiny on his corruption and the soft gloves treatment given, would he create a whole new industry of painting these paint by numbers atrocious paintings supposedly with an anonymous buyer,” he stated.

“And now we learned that one of the buyers is given an aggregate $800,000 and is getting perks, so it’s almost as if Joe Biden and Jill Biden are terrified of this guy. He’s a loose cannon. They want him around, and they do not want him talking because he has a propensity of getting really angry,” he added.

The assertion that Hunter Biden is a “loose cannon” is a popular theme on social media:

Hunter Biden wants the respect he thinks he deserves and it’s resulted in Joe and Jill Biden keeping him close in what seems to be an effort to keep him quiet. If Hunter Biden goes down he’s not going alone. He’s taking the entire house of cards with him.

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