MUST-SEE: Kellyanne Conway Dissects Biden’s Entire Presidency In Just A Single Sentence

(Republican Leader) – Kellyanne Conway, the former adviser to President Trump and his campaign manager in 2016, has never been known for biting her tongue or being subtle.

During an interview Thursday on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” Conway aptly summed up Biden’s disastrous time in the White House.

While Conway was talking about Biden’s increasingly pathetic reactions to his own regime’s inability to handle any of the problems destroying the US, she pointed out the most obvious and glaring issue with Biden in the White House.

Conway first said that Biden is showing his true colors as a “creature of Washington of 50 years,” and noted he’s a man who’s spent his entire adult life in the make-believe world of government.

Then she really cut to the heart of the issue with Biden’s so-called leadership:

“Number two, he sounds like somebody who never takes responsibility and accountability,” she said.

She nailed it.

Just look at Biden’s desperate attempts to blame gas prices and inflation on Vladimir Putin. We all know the truth and even though we all know the truth and the data and figures clearly indicate gas prices were soaring and inflation was rising well before Putin moved on Ukraine, Biden just digs his heels in deeper and deeper.

Nothing is ever his fault.

Anyone with even just a shred of common sense and the ability to think independently knows that Biden and his regime are the root causes for all the issues plaguing the US.

Just two short years ago, the US was on the verge of attaining complete energy independence and now we’re facing the highest gas prices in history under a usurper president who’s declared his life’s mission is to fight against the fossil fuels industry.

Yet, Biden then turns around begging OPEC nations to produce more oil.

Meanwhile, the US is experiencing an unprecedented crime wave that the Biden regime is all too eager and happy to blame on conservative “extremism” when the truth is it has been Biden and his political party that have been demonizing law enforcement and treating criminals like victims for years now.

It’s no shock that crime is at its worst in Democrat-run cities. Biden and his media lackeys, however, want the American people to believe it’s actually the Second Amendment and law-abiding gun owners that are the real problem.

Let’s not even mention the chaos at the southern border. There have been as many as two million illegal immigrants who have crossed our border since Biden took control of the White House.

This includes sex offenders and gang members and they’ve been bringing with them loads and loads of illegal, dangerous drugs.

Of course, the media can’t possibly cover all of the disasters caused by the Biden regime so this major crisis often takes a back seat to other crises as they come about. Make no mistake about it, however, there has not been a slow down in illegal immigration at all despite it not being all over the news.

Then there’s inflation which is crushing Americans and is showing no signs of relenting. The so-called American Rescue Plan which passed with zero Republicans voting for it, is the single biggest contributing factor to the rampant inflation that is killing the Middle Class.

Biden, however, likes to blame Russia invading Ukraine for our inflation problem, which, by the way, Biden all but gave the green light to Vladimir Putin to do so. How quickly the world forgets that not only did Putin not invade Ukraine when Trump was in office but there were no new foreign conflicts at all and the world was the most peaceful it’s been in recent human history.

Biden is a coward who refuses to stand up and take responsibility for the utter destruction he has caused while in the White House. Even worse, however, is the fact that every crisis he has overseen has been by design. It’s all going according to his handlers’ agenda.

The fact that everything is going exactly according to plan is exactly the reason he can’t possibly take responsibility and admit he’s purposely destroying America.

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