SHOCK POLL: Majorities Say Biden Shows He Is Too Old… Not Fit To Be President

(Republican Leader) – Joe Biden promised to bring the country together and insisted on the need for “unity” after he usurped the White House.

Despite the fact that Joe Biden has been a total and complete abject failure, he has actually delivered on bringing Americans together. Just not in the way he probably intended.

A new Gallup poll shows that 83% of the nation agrees the US is headed in the wrong direction and another poll shows significantly high numbers of Americans who question Biden’s “fitness” for office.

Nearly two out of three say Biden is simply showing he’s “too old” to do the job.

Now that’s some unity alright.

The Daily Wire covered the Harvard CAPS-Harris poll which surveyed nearly 2,000 registered voters.

“When asked, ‘Is Joe Biden mentally fit to serve as President of the United States or do you have doubts about his fitness for office?’ 53% of respondents answered, ‘I have doubts about his fitness.’ Broken down along party lines, 19% of Democrats responded accordingly, as did 83% of Republicans, and a whopping 61% of Independents answered the same,” the report said.

Also, on the question of whether Biden is “showing he is too old” to be president, 62% said that was the case. Only about one-third of the respondents, 38%, said he shows “he is fit to be president.”

The poll showed only 17% of Republicans believe Biden to be mentally fit, and that number was only 39% for rural respondents and independents. Only 36% of those ages 50-64 think he’s fit and those thinking he’s fit didn’t reach the 50% level among men, women, whites, those ages 35-49 and those ages 65 and up.

Too old? Among Republicans that was the conclusion for 88%, and for 72% of independents, Also 63% of men, 62% of women, 67% of whites, 50% of blacks, 57% of Hispanics, 62% of those 18-34, 58% of those 35-49 and 65% of those 65 and up.

The same poll says only 12% of the GOP and 18% of independents think the U.S. is on the “right track.” On whether the nation is on the right track economically, the numbers sank even further.

In fact, 36% say the nation already is in recession and another 49% say it’s coming in the next year.

According to the poll, 40% responded that Biden’s inflation is their most pressing concern. Right behind, at 30% was the economy and jobs.

As you can imagine, the Jan. 6 incident that Democrats continue to hard on was merely a blip in the poll along with cancel culture. Americans are just not interested in these issues that the left claims are of utmost importance, proving just how out of touch Democrats truly are from Americans.

The poll showed that in hypothetical races for the White House, Trump would beat Joe Biden 45%-42% and Kamala Harris 47%-40%.

When it comes to inflation, 60% say it’s a very serious problem for America, and 27% say somewhat serious and 47% blame Biden.

Also, in a blow to the left’s insistence on pushing the transgender agenda, 59% of Americans say children should be identified by their sex, not their so-called gender identity, because it just causes confusion for children.

Aside from that it’s also abusive and complete lunacy. Truthfully, it’s a shame that the number of Americans who are against abusing children with “gender identities” is not higher.

Nonetheless, it’s clear Americans are united in their disdain, distrust, and disapproval of the current regime. It’s no wonder the left is rabidly trying to push gun control on us before the November midterms.

Even rats know when the ship is sinking.

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