Trump Flaunts Dominant Poll Numbers Ahead Of Possible 2024 Rematch

(Republican Leader) – President Donald Trump touted his standing against Joe Biden in early poll numbers projecting a potential rematch between the two in November 2024 during a Saturday night speech in Columbia, South Carolina.

“We’re kicking Biden’s a**” in the polls, Trump said to raucous applause from those in attendance at the Silver Elephant Dinner. Most national polling shows that the two likely opponents in the 2024 general election are running about even, with some favoring Trump and others favoring Biden.

Trump brought up the idea that Democrats are unintentionally helping him in his bid for reelection with the endless barrage of indictments, saying, “well, if they did, they wouldn’t have every [district attorney] in the nation, they wouldn’t have all of these people … if they wanted to run against Trump, they’d say, ‘please, come on, step right up to the plate.’ And by the way, virtually every poll, we’re kicking Biden’s a**, and that’s the problem.”

“If I wasn’t, we wouldn’t be under investigation by deranged Jack Smith,” he continued. Smith, a partisan hack, serves as special counsel for Biden’s rogue Department of Justice, and has brought a slew of indictments against Trump for alleged mishandling of classified documents as well as bogus charges related to Jan. 6, 2021.

There is much speculation that a fourth indictment is likely forthcoming regarding his actions following the 2020 election, from the office of Fani Willis, the Fulton County District Attorney in Georgia.

It’s pretty hard to ignore the timing of all these indictments. It took them years to decide to indict? Or, the timing is politically motivated? The latter is far more likely.

However, the indictments only seem to be helping Trump, rather than hurting him. Poll data shows Trump and Biden running pretty even. The RealClearPolitics average has Biden leading Trump by less than one point. It’s completely baffling how anyone could ever earnestly vote for Joe Biden. Or how anyone can not see how the attacks against Trump are purely political. It’s utter insanity.

A July New York Times and Siena poll had each potential candidate garnering support from 43% of surveyed registered voters. Meanwhile, a July poll from The Economist and YouGov has Biden leading Trump by 4%, and a Harvard-Harris poll from July has Trump up by five percentage points.

As we learned from 2020, however, the polls can no longer be trusted. Take them with a grain of salt.

Trump’s remarks also included criticism of Biden’s abysmal policies including the “Green New Deal”, the immigration crisis and business-crushing regulation.

The 2024 election is going to be interesting for sure. Biden has been the worst president in US history and now the Democrats are, once again, interfering in the election with all the bogus indictments.

It’s shocking how many Americans choose to ignore what’s really going on. The left has hijacked and weaponized every faucet of the federal government against its political opponents.

Will America ever have a fair and free election again? Right now it is hard to say but it’s not looking promising.

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