Jesse Watters Destroys Biden And Kamala’s ‘Golden Boy’: ‘It Was A Pump And Dump Scheme’

(Republican Leader) – The entire climate change agenda is a hoax at the expense of the American people. It comes with increased regulations and forced capitulation but it’s not the only way Americans are being abused by the all-powerful, tyrannical Biden administration.

A company that provides the parts for electric buses has gone bankrupt and the whole thing screams scam. Fox News host Jesse Watters blasted it as a “pump and dump scheme” and his assessment is spot on.

Citing concerns of conflicts of interest, taxpayer-funded electric bus company Proterra has filed for bankruptcy and Watters asked the hard questions no one else will about the shady investment.

“Proterra was Biden and Kamala’s golden boy. It was the company that was supposed to eradicate diesel,” the host said on “Jesse Watters Primetime” Tuesday. “Taxpayers were funding it and now the money’s gone. We don’t know how many possible hundreds of millions of dollars we lost. We don’t know where the money went.”

“But we do know this bankrupt electric bus company had access to at least $8 billion,” he noted. Now the money is gone and the company has come up with some non-reason for filing bankruptcy. It’s all pretty convenient.

The regime has to attempt to save face. One day after the company announced the Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Kamala Harris was promoting electric bus manufacturing during a stop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Naturally, Harris left out some key information.

“What the vice president didn’t tell you is America’s biggest electric bus company just went belly up,” Watters explained.

“In California the buses caught on fire, in Philly they broke down, and in Alaska, the batteries froze in the cold and in Minnesota, they stalled out on the hills. The wheels on the bus do not go ’round and round’,” Watters continued. “So why would the Democrats invest so much political capital and taxpayer capital in a broken electric bus company? Because it was a pump and dump scheme.”

Among the suspected beneficiaries of the investment into Proterra is Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm who was reprimanded by the House Oversight Committee over violations of the Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act that, in part, included her ownership of stock in the company while head of the DOE.

Watters called her and others out, “Al Gore had millions invested in the company while he was lobbying the White House to herald it. George Soros had over $20 million invested in Proterra. Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s Energy Secretary sat on the company’s board. She held stock in Proterra while she was secretary and then sold it for about $1.5 mil.”

“Joe Biden even put the Proterra CEO on a prestigious government board and reports say Proterra insiders dumped their stock before the company went bankrupt,” added the host as he piled on concerning evidence in support of the scandal. “This was a political pump and dump — cash out before the crash.”

“Proterra’s stock is now worth $0.17 a share. This is like Solyndra,” he argued, citing the Obama-era solar panel company that received a $535 million DOE loan guarantee only to fold with other propped-up green energy companies. “House Republicans need to launch an immediate investigation into this taxpayer-funded scam that Biden donors and cronies made a fortune from.”

Democrats have come up with countless ways to scam the American people in order to enrich themselves. It’s the reason why their leadership always comes with major expansion of the federal government and higher taxes for the American people.

Many on social media agreed with Watters:

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